The saying goes, “safety first,” and the Honda Accord lives up to that phrase. Standard on all 2018 Honda Accord vehicles is Honda Sensing ®. This safety package includes several safety features that are able to alert you to the dangers on the road around you.

One of these safety features is called Traffic Sign Recognition. This feature uses a small camera to recognize road signs, such as the speed limit, and notifies you with a small visual icon. This is a great feature for Akron drivers that “forget” what the speed limit is.

Another feature that comes standard on the Honda Accord is the Lane Keep Assist System. This works in tandem with the Road Departure Mitigation System to alert you when you are drifting from your lane. When the camera picks up that you are swaying from your lane then it can engage features to slowly guide you back into the lane center.

While other automotive companies want you to break the bank on safety, the Honda Accord makes safety standard! Another safety feature included with the Honda Sensing ® package is the Collision Mitigation Braking System ™. This can detect if you are about to be in a collision with the vehicle in front of you and will help reduce the speed of the vehicle to mitigate any potential damage.

Adaptive Cruise Control is the final innovative safety feature that comes standard with the Honda Sensing ® package. This feature is able to gauge the flow of traffic and automatically adjust your speed to match it. This way, you can sit back and relax on the highway without having to constantly monitor your speed. With safety features like this, it’s no wonder the Accord is held in such high regard!

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