Auto Financing Options in Akron, OH

Lease or Buy with the Help of Our Finance Center at Great Lakes Honda

Here at Great Lakes Honda, we are well-known for our great deals and well-stocked inventory of new Honda models and used cars. Whether you plan on financing or leasing, we can help find you a great deal to suit your needs. However, first-time shoppers still might not know if financing or leasing is right for them, or whether they should simply pay cash. Most of our customers turn to auto loans and leases to help make the total cost of owning a car easier and more affordable. Let us discuss the benefits of financing and leasing with you, so you can decide which is right for you. No matter which you choose, you will find friendly and helpful professionals here at Great Lakes Honda.

Shop for a new Honda or used car today and visit us here on Pruitt Blvd in Akron to learn more. Great Lakes Honda is proudly serving not only the Medina, OH area, but also Canton, Cleveland, Youngstown, OH, and surrounding cities.

Finance for a Long-Term Plan

Lots of drivers come to us with one particular new car in mind that they want to own for the foreseeable future. You might be a parent looking to get a new SUV or van for your whole family, or you might have your eye on an affordable used car for your daily commute. Even the most affordable used cars here in Akron can still cost thousands of dollars out of pocket, so many shoppers turn to finance through an auto loan to streamline monthly payments. In an auto loan, you make regular payments to an outside bank or lender until the full balance of the vehicle is paid off. Our finance team can help you calculate what your monthly payments should look like, then we find you a reputable lender to work with from our many local sources.

Financing over the long-term has a great many advantages, including:

  • Equity: If you previously suffered debt or credit issues, an auto loan is a great way to make sure you bounce back. As long as payments are made on time and in full, you will build equity and increase your credit back up to a more manageable level.
  • Flexibility: Auto loans are less restrictive than lease agreements. For one, an auto loan contract does not have an annual mileage restriction. You are also free to make as many customizations as you like to the car you buy, as long as loan payments are met on time.
  • Ownership: Buying through a loan eliminates the hassle of having to start a new contract every couple of years, as you would in a lease. Once the loan is paid off, the vehicle is yours to do as you choose.

Lease for Short-Term Convenience

Financing through a loan might not be for everyone. Many drivers do not find themselves driving that far annually and need something simple for the daily commute. Some shoppers want to drive the latest car with the latest technology without getting roped into a long-term loan agreement. Leasing is an excellent solution for drivers who want to drive a brand-new Honda for less. A lease agreement involves paying monthly installments directly through the dealership and working directly with our finance team. You can choose the amount of time and the number of miles you would like to drive the vehicle annually. Discover the latest and greatest Honda models available for lease at Great Lakes Honda with our unbeatable Honda lease deals. Don't miss out on this opportunity to drive home in the Honda of your dreams.

As with financing, drivers can find a host of benefits from lease contracts, including:

  • Warranty Protection: Most Honda lease contracts do not last longer than their powertrain warranty coverage, so you enjoy this protection throughout the entirety of your deal. When you need routine maintenance or necessary repairs, the warranty coverage makes things affordable and simple.
  • Affordability: While lease deals still involve monthly payments, these installments tend to be much lower than those of auto loan deals. Lease contracts only cover a certain percentage of the vehicle's worth, and drivers can often find lease deals here in Akron that waive the down payment.
  • Upgrades: Once your lease contract ends, and your leased Honda passes an inspection, you will be free to choose another new Honda to lease. Drivers near North Canton, OH can potentially upgrade to a new Honda once every couple years or so.

Start our Deal Online

If you choose financing, you can start your deal online using our handy digital retiling tools. Use our online payment process to get a trade-in value estimate, apply for financing, and personalize monthly payments. Our dealership works with all sorts of customers across the credit spectrum, whether you have good, bad, or no credit at all. Drivers who want to lease or pay cash can also work out their payment plan online through our Fastlane checkout system at Great Lakes Honda.

When you're ready to officially begin your deal, we invite you to schedule a test drive and visit Great Lakes Honda in Akron, OH top learn more. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our finance center team over the phone or online. We look forward to working with you!